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Gerakan: Don’t compromise on land reclamation in Penang

PETALING JAYA: Penang Gerakan has called on all community groups and civic organisations not to compromise on the proposed massive land reclamation projects in the Penang sea.

This, until and unless, all detailed and independent impact reports are ready for public perusal.

Its secretary Oh Tong Keong said environmental and fishermen organisations, in particular, should never take the proposed land reclamation projects in Penang sea by the DAP-led state government, lightly.

“Public interest groups should demand the state government carry out and produce detailed and independent impact study reports on the environment, society and traffic, among others, before embarking on the projects.

“As the state opposition front, the Barisan Nasional (BN) would play a responsible role to closely monitor the development,” he said in a statement.

He stressed that BN and Gerakan would not oppose the RM27-billion Penang Traffic Master Plan (PTMP) if it could really solve Penang’s traffic congestion.

He said the three major highways, monorail and LRT resembled the previously proposed Penang Outer Ring Road (PORR) and monorail projects under the former BN state government’s transport master plan.

“Ironically then as the opposition, the DAP strongly objected to BN’s plan.

“The only difference now are the undersea tunnel, the tramps and the (land) reclamation project to create man-made islands,” said Oh.

Oh added the massive and extensive land reclamation of 4,100 acres in Permatang Damar Laut, located in the southern part of Penang island, was a serious matter in need of public scrutiny and approval.

“Such massive reclamation would adversely affect the ecological environment and (marine) life in the surrounding areas.

“The change in tides movement, directions of sea water flow and condition of the seabed would definitely affect the production of marine creatures and relevant seafood.”

Therefore, he said the state government could not afford to make a slipshod decision before the detailed EIA analysis and studies were completed.





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