Gerakan: Lim should be wiser in looking after state finances

GEORGE TOWN: The Penang Gerakan Youth have stressed that Lim Guan Eng as chief minister should be more wise in looking after the state’s financial situation, and not just announce about the possibility of it going bankrupt.

The movement’s Public Complaints Bureau chief Jason Loo said if the chief minister believed the state’s expenditure was huge, the state government could cut spending on overseas trips, changing of cars, as well as reduce the number of senior officials in the chief minister’s office, which was currently estimated to be about 40 people.

He said Lim’s action of constantly stating Penang’s possible bankruptcy situation when touching on issues of land reclamation and not being able to pay the salaries of civil servants, would only cause anxiety among the people.

“I feel very disappointed as statements like these are very worrying and trouble the people of Penang. As a chief minister, he always talks about the possibility of a bankruptcy situation in the state, this is a very worrying sign to all the people of Penang,” he told a press conference here today.

He said Penang will not go into bankruptcy as claimed by Lim, because it had a surplus in the 2016 Budget passed at the state assembly last month.

“We are concerned with whether the chief minister does not understand the figures in the budget that was approved in the state assembly, or he does not have confidence in his leadership to look after Penang’s financial situation,”he said.







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