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Gerakan's Teng raps Guan Eng over reclamation projects

Penang BN chairman Teng Chang Yeow has accused Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng as being “obviously misleading” when pointing fingers at BN for the state’s sea reclamation woes.

Teng pointed out that Lim had claimed that Umno Pulau Betong representative Muhammad Farid Saad, who filed a state assembly motion for more transparency in sea reclamation projects, was a member of the previous administration.

Farid's motion, however, was rejected as Umno failed to get enough votes - at least 21 out of 40 - for the motion to be passed.

Teng, a former state executive councillor under Chief Minister Koh Tsu Koon, noted that Farid was never a member of the previous state government under BN but a backbencher.

“So how could he be held accountable for land reclamation approved by the administration?”.

"It is doubtful if Lim understood the meaning of administration and backbencher," quipped the Gerakan state chief in a statement.

Teng said this as Lim had demanded that Farid apologise, on behalf of the previous administration under BN, for approving 3,241 acres for reclamation. The latter has refused to do so.

Teng also refuted Lim’s insistence that the current Pakatan Harapan government had approved only 60 acres for reclamation.

“In actual fact, he has approved 211 acres but has conveniently avoided the calculation of 131 acres at Gurney Drive and the additional 20 acres in Seri Tanjung Pinang 2,” Teng said.

“Both figures were carefully crafted out from many press releases indicating that there were attempts to hide the figure from the public,” Teng claimed.

“Let’s not forget 25 acres of reclaimed land in Bayan Bay, a project which was awarded without an open tender which is against his CAT - competency, accountability and transparency - principle,” Teng alleged.

“It was not the motion in question but his leadership now,” Teng said.

Lim was irked that his party member and diehard environmentalist DAP Tanjung Bungah assemblyman Teh Yee Cheu had supported the motion, while five PKR reps abstained from voting.

Teh has apologised for his ‘mistake’ but the PKR 5 said they had voted according to their conscience.

Lim accused the five of 'betrayal and mutiny' within their party and alleged that party whip Bukit Tengah assemblyman Ong Chin Wen was gunning for the deputy chief minister’s post.

'Mutiny within'

Teng said Lim’s reaction to the incident was expected as 'everyone gets the blame except himself'.

“Everyone plays politics except him. Everyone cannot be trusted except him.

“No wonder, former deputy chief minister Mansor Othman described him as tokong (deity),” Teng recalled.

Teng said Lim must admit that there is “mutiny within” Pakatan Harapan over his leadership and administration.

The vote by Teh for the motion tabled by BN was the “tip of the iceberg” on events happening in the party, Teng added.

“This follows the defeat of his camp in the recent state DAP Socialist Youth wing’s election,” Teng claimed.

In the motion, Umno had asked that comprehensive studies on the social and environmental impacts be conducted before reclamation projects were approved.

Lim argued these were non-issues as they are provided for by federal laws and which state governments must comply with before approving the projects.

The party also asked that new reclamation projects - which are yet to be approved - be cancelled if they do not benefit the people.

To this, Lim said Umno was laying a trap to bankrupt Penang as cancellation of projects would cost the state government some RM1 billion in compensation.





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