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Penang gov’t hiding facts on STP2 project, alleges Gerakan

GEORGE TOWN: Penang Gerakan has accused the state government of concealing the real facts behind the imminent land reclamation under the Seri Tanjong Pinang Phase II (STP2) project.

Its secretary Oh Tong Keong said that initially the state government had approved reclamation of 97.12 hectares under STP1 and 299.467 hectares under STP2 but that an additional 8.093 hectares had been detected.

Eastern and Oriental Berhad (E&O) announced in a statement to the Bursa Malaysia recently that the STP2 land reclamation project would involve 307.56 hectares and 53.01 hectares in the Gurney Drive coastal area.

Originally Gurney Drive was not part of STP2 land reclamation project.

Oh demanded the DAP-led state government promptly clarify whether the additional land under STP2 was given away for free to the E&O and what the actual status was of the Gurney Drive land reclamation project.

He said the people of Penang would want to know who approved the 53.01 hectares of land for reclamation at Gurney Drive and whether an open tender was carried out for the project.

“Is the Gurney Drive reclaimed land given away for free to E&O or will it be charged? If it is charged, how much would they have to pay per metre,” Oh questioned.

Last Monday Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng told the State Legislative Assembly that his administration had only approved 24.28 hectares of land to be reclaimed at Bayan Mutiara and Bayan Bay since 2008.

State opposition leader, Jahara Hamid immediately countered that Lim did not reveal details about the projected STP2 land reclamation under the state Budget 2016 tabled at the assembly session on November 6.

Oh said it was astounding that Lim, who advocates CAT governance based on competency, accountability and transparency, chose not to reveal all the details pertaining to the STP2 project.

“I wonder why he did not reveal details on the additional land to be reclaimed for STP2 and the Gurney Drive reclamation projects. What is there to hide?

“Is the state government trying to avoid answering this matter? If this is true, then their CAT policy is dead,” rebuked Oh.





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