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Drop in Tamil schools’ UPSR performance raises questions

PETALING JAYA: Despite some Tamil schools and individual students having obtained outstanding results in this year’s Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) examination, the percentage of Tamil school students overall who obtained 7As dropped by 32 per cent, Baljit Singh of Gerakan revealed today.

The party’s national legal and human rights bureau chief said only about 730 students obtained 7As this year compared with 1,200 in 2014.

In Selangor, he said only 240 students obtained 7As compared with 410 in 2014.

“All states have shown a decline in their performance. Hence, the overall mechanism of Tamil schools has to be re-studied.

“A lot of questions need to be answered before we get to the root of the problem to improve students’ performance,” he said, asking if it was a question of teachers failing to prepare students well, or if the questions were of “higher order thinking.”

He also said there was the possibility of a lack of remedial exercises by the students that led to their lacklustre performance.

He said that education was important in helping any society out of poverty and was the most important tool to help Indian Malaysians in particular improve their socio-economic status.

Baljit said that if more Indians were armed with a solid education, it would benefit the country in the long run as well as discourage them from getting involved in criminal activities.

“I hope the education ministry will look into this matter seriously,” he said in a text message to FMT.





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