Gerakan: Petaling Street rally all about sowing racial discord

The now-aborted riot at Petaling Street today and the Sept 16 red shirt rally have two entirely different aims, said Gerakan.

Gerakan vice president Asharuddin Ahmad during his party's walkabout at the tourist spot in Kuala Lumpur today said today's planned red shirt rally was solely to sow racial discord.

“The issue on Sept 16 and the issue today are different. The issue on Sept 16 was to show solidarity, that Malay unity is still here. That’s all.

“But today people are playing fire with racial sentiments. Many people don’t agree with that; they won’t agree with such views,” he told reporters at a press conference in Petaling Street.

He added he has also approached many Malay NGOs about today’s supposed riot, and most of them do not agree with it.

“Most of them support me in saying that we should defend racial harmony. We don’t need anyone causing trouble.

“There are racial issues everywhere, and everywhere there would be people who would try to cause trouble.

"But so far, I think we can monitor and control this,” he said.

The Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu rally on Sept 16 saw a largely peaceful crowd of protestors in red shirts gathering at Padang Merbok to "defend Malay dignity".

However, a small group of the protestors had clashed with riot police at they attempted to storm Petaling Street.

Malay NGO Coalition chairperson Jamal Md Yunos cautioned that the group would return to riot today, if the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism does not crack down on the pirated goods sold on the street.

“I am the middleman between those who rioted that day (and the ministry). I have conveyed their demands to the authorities and it is now up to the authorities.

“But if the authorities don't take action by Friday and if anything happens, I would not be responsible,” he told reporters on Wednesday.

Jamal was arrested last night, while Malay Armed Forces Veteran Association president Mohd Ali Baharom who reported admitted to being the organiser of today’s rally said it has been cancelled.





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