Guan Eng challenged to show proof about UEC

GEORGE TOWN: A local Gerakan youth leader has demanded proof that the state has recognised the Unified Examination Certificate of Chinese-medium schools as an entry qualification with state-owned corporations.

Penang Gerakan Youth committee member Tang Ching Sern said the state government should produce the files of staff at the Penang Water Supply Corporation, Penang Development Corporation and Penang Hill Development Corporation to prove its claim.

He said the chief minister, Lim Guan Eng, should produce recruitment documents as proof that he has committed no lies on this issue. “If it is true that the state government had long recognised UEC, it will provide an extra opportunity and avenue for job seekers in Penang,” said Tang in a statement.

Lim had said last week that the state had long given recognition to the Chinese schools’ certificate.

Tang said his checks showed that the three companies did not stipulate UEC as among the qualifications for employment. “Then how can Lim claim that UEC has been accepted and recognised by the state government?”

He said Lim and other state government leaders should be more responsible and not merely think of exploiting any issue to gain political mileage.

He pointed out that the Sarawak state government had recently announced recognition of the UEC, which marked a new milestone for this qualification, while expressing hopes that the Federal Government would soon follow suit.

The UEC is the school-leaving certificate of independent Chinese-medium secondary schools and is recognised as an entrance qualification in countries such as Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, China and some European countries, and private colleges in Malaysia.

However, it is not accepted by the Federal Government for entry into public universities.

Tang said if it was true that Penang recognised the UEC, Lim would not waste the chance to gain extra political mileage by allowing Sarawak to make the first move.

“Judging from his style of politicking by highlighting whatever credits he can possibly claim and exploit it to the fullest, ironically Lim didn’t do it. We can only draw a conclusion that these three state-linked companies have never stipulated the UEC as one of the qualifications for job applications,” Tang said.





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