All eyes on RoS as Dong Zong deadline expires July 30

by Lee Yuk Peng

QUICK TAKE: The United Chinese School Committees Association or Dong Zong. which has been involved in a longdrawn out feud, looks set to receive a helping hand from two political parties. 

As the deadline set by the Registrar of Societies (RoS) to settle the internal dispute draws to a close, Yap Sin Tian, the embattled “president” of Dong Zong has sought the help of MCA president Liow Tiong Lai to mediate the matter.

The Oriental Daily reported that Liow, in a statement dated July 27, had said he received a formal letter from Yap seeking help in resolving the matter before the threat of deregistration by the RoS becomes a reality. 

As the request was only from one side, Liow said he cannot be a mediator unless the other side also agrees for him to step in, adding that MCA hopes the internal dispute within Dong Zong is resolved as soon as possible. 

Gerakan has also approached Dong Zong to ensure that the Unified Examination can be carried out without a glitch. 

The party vice-president Dominic Lau had rallied 70 organisations in a gathering on July 25 to request Dong Zong to stop its internal feuding and to focus on education.

Gerakan president Mah Siew Keong had also reportedly said Lau is trying his best to assist Dong Zong in resolving its crisis. 

Lau is also tasked in solving the examination problems and to look into the possibility of getting colleges like Han Chiang, Southern University or New Era to take over the examination. 

Dong Zong CEO Hong Woan Ying told Sin Chew Daily that even if Dong Zong is deregistered by the RoS in August, the Unified Examination would be placed under another valid organisation to ensure that the examination is not disrupted and is run smoothly. 

The examination is run by the Dong Jiao Zong Chinese Independent School Unified Examination Working Committee. 

As the working committee is not a registered organisation, the Unified Examination is held under the Dong Zong banner. 

A possible scenario in the making will be to shift the working committee and place it under the United Chinese School Teachers’ Associations of Malaysia (Jiao Zong). 

Currently, more than 50 per cent of the examination papers have already been printed. 

Hong added that the administration of Dong Zong will not allow the dispute between the leaders to affect their focus on the administrative tasks needed to ensure the smooth running of the Unified Examination in October. 

A total of 25,000 students will be sitting for Unified Examinations for junior middle three and senior middle three from October 21 to 27. 

On the judicial proceedings on the leadership tussle in Dong Zong, lawyers from both sides have agreed with the High Court judge to conduct peace talks to reach a possible settlement, with the next meeting in court scheduled on Aug 26. 

While Liow waits for the green light from Dong Zong secretary-general Poh Chin Chuan’s group on whether to step in as a mediator and Lau waits to discuss examination matters further, all eyes will now be on the July 30 deadline set by RoS. 

It is believed that both sides will be submitting their respective solutions to the RoS to decide upon.

The deadline is today (July 30) and everyone is waiting with bated breath as to what the next course of action by the RoS will be. 

The peace talks will naturally hinge on RoS’ decision. 

It is just hoped that decades of hard work for Chinese education is not unravelled due to desperate bids of certain people to hang on to power.





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