Divulging the sources of political funding is still a thorny issue: Chang

IPOH: Political funding is a thorny and sensitive issue in the country's political arena and parties are not willing to disclose the source of funds for fear of revenge against them.

Gerakan adviser Tan Sri Chang Ko Youn said: "Discussions among political parties and the Malaysian Anti Corrruption Commissiopn (MACC) could not find a solution as the parties are not in favour to expose the sponsor or donor.

"This is a major issue as the fear of revenge against the donor.. they want to keep it a secret unlike in Western countries and United States of America the amount of expenditure had to be made public.

"The public are also of the opinion that the donors or sponsors will expect favours in return for the funding when the parties win the polls," he told theSun here

"As for democracy and transparency all political parties from both sides must come to a consensus as to the funds and arrangements," he added.

Chang, a former Gerakan deputy president, was commenting on the statement by Global Movement of Moderates chief executive officer Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah yesterday that there is an urgent need to regulate political funding to address problems arising from money politics,

Saifuddin also called for amendments to several laws and general election rules.

According to Chang, spending on elections by Pakatan Rakyat (PR) is equally good based on the quality of banners, posters and buntings and other materials.

"Some of them are even better then the materials used by Barisan Nasional," he added.





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