Gerakan lauds 11th Malaysia Plan Mah Siew Keong: All must share a sense of mission to ensure its eventual success

Press statement by

Gerakan National President cum

Minister in Prime Ministers Department

Y.B. Dato Mah Siew Keong

21 May 2015

Gerakan National President cum Minister in Prime Ministers Department Y.B. DatoMah Siew Keong congratulated the Prime Minister Dato Sri Najib Tun Razak for tabling a 11thMalaysia Plan (11MP) in the Parliament earlier today. Mah lauded the theme of the new Malaysian plan emphasizing Growth anchored on People and its aspiration that aims to realize an advanced and inclusive nation. He noted that the 11MP is crucial as the last leg towards achieving the nations goal of becoming a developed and high-income nation by 2020. Hence, he stressed that extra effort needed to ensure the effectiveness of its implementation and delivery system in order to meet the targets and expectations as planned.

The 11MP encapsulates the hopes and dreams of all Malaysians. I call upon all to share a sense of mission to endeavour and ensure its eventual success. The promising and visionary measures including the 6 strategic thrusts and 6 game changers introduced in the 11MP are instrumental, but it is time now for pragmatism and diligent execution, said Mah

Mah said the 11MP reaffirms governments commitment in bringing inclusive and sustainable growth to the people. He was confident that the 11MP with its comprehensive conceptualization and measures covering all major socio-economic aspects offers more than just an optimistic picture of the near future. He believed it also serves as a mid-and-long-term roadmap towards future direction and continued development of Malaysia.

He was upbeat with the promising economic outlook projected in 11MP which looks to spur nations gross domestic product to RM1.4 trillion in 2020 with a growth rate of 5-6 percent per annum. He noted that average monthly household income to increase to RM10,540 in 2020 while 11MP also eyeing average household income of over RM5,000 per month for the bottom 40 percent income group by 2020. 11MP also projects that 1.5 million jobs to be created by 2020.

Mah hoped the strategic thrusts and game changers in 11MP outlining the objectives and measures to bring greater development in key areas will lead to an all-round success beyond economic means. He lauded the plan as an all-inclusive agenda that took into account every section of the society including Sabah and Sarawak. Among the key areas that drew praise from Mah such as inclusive development of human capital, enhancing household living standards and social welfare. He also lauded the agenda to improve workers employability and fulfilling productivity potential, lifelong education for workers, environmental development and protection as well as economic transformation in sectors such as service, manufacturing and ICT industry. 





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