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Gerakan Youth slam alcohol ban in Malacca

The push to ban the sale of alcohol in Malay areas in Malacca has not gone down well with Gerakan Youth.

Its organising secretary, Ben Liew, in a statement today, cautioned that such a move is regressive and smacked of over-Islamisation in a secular country.

He pointed out it would impact the state’s economy and tourism as it would deter visitors from coming.

Liew was referring to a recent directive issued by the state government to prohibit retailers in Malay areas under the jurisdiction of four local councils, from selling alcohol.

The affected Malay areas are the Historical Melaka City Council, Jasin Municipal Council, Alor Gajah Municipal Council and Hang Tuah Jaya Municipal Council.

Convenient stores, mini markets and grocery stores are among the retail businesses affected.

It was reported by Sin Chew Daily that a Chinese mini-mart operator had received a notice banning the sale of alcohol at his premises.

The state government reportedly attempted an alcohol ban in 7-Eleven outlets located in neighbourhoods where 90 percent of the population is Muslim, earlier this year.

However, two Malacca MCA leaders, Lim Ban Hong and Lai Meng Chong, had refuted the reports, claiming this was just a suggestion at the discussion stage.

Liew (left) was puzzled by such a move and further opined that the state would regress following this measure.

"Alcohol can only be sold to non-Muslims even in Malay areas, so why ban Malay retailers from selling alcohol?" he asked.

He criticised the state government for attempting to Islamise business activities, saying it showed disrespect to non-Muslims.

If a Muslim wants to defy the rules by drinking alcohol, the ban wouldn't solve the problem, as they still can get it elsewhere, “This pretty much relates to personal conduct," he said.

He pointed out that drunk driving was not the only cause of accidents which also depends very much on attitude of drivers.

In the Sin Chew Daily report, state executive councillor Ismail Othman, said in non-Malay areas like Malim and Melaka Raya, it will be business as usual, where people can get alcohol on the street.

To a question if the new measure was fair to non-Malays who reside in the Malay areas, he said, they could purchase alcohol at non-Malay areas and bring it home.

This measure is necessary, he said, as he had witnessed for himself how easily it was for Malay youths to purchase alcoholic beverages.

Such a ban, added the state housing, local government and environment committee chairman, would be beneficial in terms of social safety and preventing accidents due to drunk drivers.

The local authority will define Malay and non-Malay areas through census, added Mansor Sudin, the president of Hang Tuah Jaya Municipal Council.






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