Gerakan: Does IGP really know the law?

KUALA LUMPUR: Gerakan Youth has questioned whether the Inspector-General of Police truly understands the law, while carrying out a crackdown on free speech and peaceful assembly, and criticised his misplaced priorities.

Andy Yong, deputy leader of the youth wing, said the IGP appeared to be defning “seditious tendency” according to his own wishes, Malaysiakini reported.

He said the security of the country, and illegal activities, were more pressing matters for the police rather than “sedition” as defined by the IGP and peaceful protests.

“I urge the police to concentrate more on reducing crime instead of being perceived as being used as a political tool,” he was quoted as saying.

Yong pointed out that the Peaceful Assembly Act provided every citizen the right to assemble, whether or not notice was given to the police.

Yong questioned the police force’s intent in criminalising the right to assemble. “Until there actually is a report of violence escalating during the rally, there is no need for the police to enforce the PAA,” he was reported to have said.

Malaysia should emulate countries Hong Kong or Britain, where police were present to ensure public order and security.






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