Gerakan: DAP must pressure PAS into withdrawing the tabling of Hudud law in parliament

IPOH: Perak Gerakan's stand on Hudud law is that it would not support any move which is against the country's constitution.

Its chairman Soo Kay Ping said: "We have no authority to say whether Islamic laws are good or bad.. but we need to be careful about such laws.

"However, DAP must take full responsibility as their cooperation with PAS had drawn support from the Chinese community in the general elections.

"DAP have painted a negative image that with the support for PAS during the election, they will ensure that the Hudud law will not be implemented," he told reporters here today.

He said DAP should not just withdraw their support from Pakatan Rakyat or run away from their responsibility.

"They must come out clean on the issue.. and not give excuses like PAS has fallen into Umno's trap to break PR."

"They are partners in their political struggle but PAS is doing things their own way.

"DAP must pressure PAS to withdraw the private member's bill on Hudud to be tabled in Parliament.

Meanwhile, National Unity and Integration department Director-General L. Gandesan said, the department has initiated an educational plan to explain the Hudud law to the people.

"Hudud law will be included in various religious sessions with the people, to give them a better understanding of what Hudud law is all about."

He had earlier attended a "Leaders with the People" event here.





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