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Ignoring Umno votes for hudud, MCA and Gerakan trains guns on DAP

GEORGE TOWN, March 20 ― MCA and Gerakan leaders declined to censure Barisan Nasional (BN) anchor Umno for supporting hudud in Kelantan, and instead continued to blame DAP for not blocking PAS from presenting changes to the state’s Islamic penal law.

Ignoring the fact that 12 Umno assemblymen voted for the amendments in Kelantan, leaders from the two BN parties accused DAP of betraying the public by “allowing” PAS to table the hudud bill.

Gerakan Wanita Chief Datuk Tan Lian Hoe said her party could not direct Umno’s Muslim representatives from voting against the law that she said was a part of their Islamic faith.

“Once they tabled the Bill, Muslim representatives will not be able to vote against it because it is in their religious teachings,” she said.

PKR has one Muslim assemblyman in the Kelantan assembly. He abstained from voting on the hudud Bill yesteday that was approved with 43 votes from both PAS and Umno representatives.

She also did not explain why the restrictions on her party did not apply to DAP that she said must block PAS’s Muslim lawmakers from pursuing the Islamic penal code.

Tan also blamed DAP supporters for backing the party and Pakatan Rakyat in the previous two general elections for the current hudud controversy.

“We are very sad to see this happening because I'm sure if they (PAS) were to file the Private Member's Bill in Parliament, Muslim MPs will not be able to vote against it because they can't say no to their religion,” she told the Malay Mail Online in a telephone interview.

Fellow Gerakan leader, Simpang Renggam MP Liang Teck Meng, pointed out that Gerakan on Wednesday filed for legal action against the amendments to the Shariah Criminal Code (II) Enactment that facilitates hudud implementation in Kelantan at the Kota Baru High Court.

“By filing this court case, we have made our stand clear that we are against hudud and that we are not going to support it,” the Gerakan secretary-general said.

Kelantan tabled the Shariah Criminal Code (II) (1993) Bill on Wednesday, despite repeated objections from PAS’s Pakatan Rakyat allies, DAP and PKR; the bill was passed yesterday with the support of 31 PAS assemblymen aided by 12 from Umno.

When contacted, MCA's Religious Harmony Bureau chairman Datuk Seri Ti Lian Ker similarly claimed that the party could not block Umno from voting for hudud, insisting the root causes were PAS for pushing for the law and DAP for allowing it.

“It's unfair to push the responsibility to us to stop Umno... they can't be playing with fire, knowing it will burn and then blame the firemen for not containing it,” he said, adding that DAP must acknowledge that they had set the fire in the first place.

Ti did not state how DAP would have been able to block PAS from pushing ahead with hudud in Kelantan where the party has no representation in the state assembly.

The Pakatan Rakyat presidential council on March 12 also told PAS to revise the amendments to its hudud bill and resubmit this for further discussion, which the Islamist party ignored.

PAS is also expected to table two private member’s Bills on hudud in Parliament sometime later this month, which, if passed, will enable Kelantan to implement the Islamic criminal justice system.

On this, Liang said a simple majority of 112 votes in needed to pass the bills, which could be prevented if DAP and PKR are able to control their Muslim MPs from voting for it.

“We only need to do simple mathematics as there are 21 PAS MPs and 87 Umno Muslim MPs, which brings the total to 108 only,” he said.

He added that other Barisan Nasional component parties' MPs, such as Gerakan and MCA, are against hudud so they would not vote for it.

“What remains are the two DAP Muslim MP and PKR's 16 Muslim MPs so will they be able to stop their own MPs from voting for the bills. If they don't vote for it, the bills will not be passed in Parliament,” he said.





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