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Leaning Tower: Now for Unesco listing

IPOH: Teluk Intan’s 130-year-old Leaning Tower has already been listed as a National Heritage and steps are being taken to get it listed as a Unesco world heritage site.

“We are working towards getting the recognition,” said Teluk Intan Member of Parliament Mah Siew Keong yesterday.

Mah, who is a minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, said he had spoken to Tourism Minister Nazri Aziz on working together towards the Unesco listing.

The proclamation of the tower as a national heritage was made during the recent national level Chinese New Year celebration.

Also known as the Clock Tower, the pagoda style structure was built in the late 19th century to store water for the residents during the drought season, and for the fire brigade to draw water in case of fire.

The foundation is 13 metres in diameter and tapers to a diameter of 8.2 metres at the top of the tower The water tank, which is 5 metres high and 18.36 cubic metres deep, is on the third floor and is made of steel.

Mah said he had spoken to the Teluk Intan Municipal Council on the upkeep of the tower.

“I asked them to look into how to improve the system of going up the tower.”





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