Push for legalising sodomy, Gerakan tells PKR

Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang has called on PKR lawmakers to table a motion in next month's Parliament sitting to decriminalise sodomy if they disagreed with it being a crime.

"There is no good basis for the pardon and exemption of punishment unless the crime of sodomy is abolished by parliament," he added in a media statement.

Tan was referring to Anwar Ibrahim's family seeking a royal pardon for the opposition leader’s sodomy conviction and five-year jail sentence.

He said the move has raised many intriguing questions, and noted that PKR has also expressed support for the application.

"Although it is the right of any convict to apply to be pardoned, PKR must explain why must Anwar be exempted from punishment for his convicted crime," he added.

As a responsible political party, Tan said, PKR should not put the interest of its leaders above the law.

"If a crime has been committed, then the person who is convicted of the crime should serve out the punishment.

"There should not be an exemption simply because the person is the opposition chief," he added.

Anwar has always maintained that like the first charge against him, the second sodomy charge was also fabricated by his political rivals. But the government has denied this.





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