Gerakan slams DAP for shirking responsibility on Hudud Bill Gooi Hoe Hin: DAP must not mislead and manipulate the intelligence of the people

Press statement by

Gerakan National Speaker cum

Chairman, Interfaith Committee

Dato Gooi Hoe Hin

26 February 2015

Gerakan National Speaker cum Interfaith Committee Chairman, Dato Gooi Hoe Hin slammed unreasonable call by DAPs advisor Lim Kit siang on Gerakan and MCA ministers to resign over Kelantan UMNOs support for Hudud. He maintained firmly that DAP has the immediate responsibility as a political partner to stop PAS from tabling the Hudud Bill that would trigger a constitutional crisis.

Gooi asserted that DAP must not mislead and manipulate the intelligence of the people. It was the DAP under the father and son team of Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng who assured the people that PAS will not pursue the theocratic Islamic State ala PAS. It is because of the misleading and manipulating political game by DAP that has led to the proposed Hudud ala PAS.

As such, the people know who is responsible, the DAP duo must not complain, accuse and twist the present episode of the Hudud Bill. They must not shirk their responsibility, there is no way they can whitewashing themselves and their actions, said Gooi

Therefore, if PAS charges ahead to table the Hudud Bill in the upcoming Kelantan State Legislative Assembly, the DAP father and son team Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng must resign over their failure and inability to stop PAS from pursuing the unconstitutional Hudud ala PAS.





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