Gerakan condemns PR’s selective ignorance on imminent Hudud Bill Liang Teck Meng: Why no equal effort in preventing PAS as of pro-Anwar rally - Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia

Gerakan condemns PR’s selective ignorance on imminent Hudud Bill Liang Teck Meng: Why no equal effort in preventing PAS as of pro-Anwar rally

Press statement by

Gerakan Secretary General

Y.B. Datuk Liang Teck Meng

24 February 2015

Gerakan Secretary General, Y.B. Datuk Liang Teck Meng condemned Pakatan Rakyat (PR) for reportedly involved in planning for a mass rally in support of Anwar on March 7 at Sogo. Liang questioned the rationale and motive behind the PKR-led mass rally at this timing. He maintained that it is highly inappropriate to hold the pro-Anwar mass rally against the backdrop of a looming legislative showdown of Hudud Bill insisted by PAS in Kelantan State Legislative Assembly on 18 March followed by a swift tabling of Private Member’s Bill in Parliament. It is obvious that this issue is more vital compared to the Free Anwar Rally for it has a direct effect on the livelihood on Malaysians and the image of our country. However DAP and PKR does not seem to care about it while insisting on the rally to be staged.

Liang chided Pakatan Rakyat leadership especially DAP and PKR for failing to understand the imminent threats posed by their political ally PAS to charge ahead with Hudud Bill. He was disappointed that DAP and PKR continue to show selective ignorance on Hudud and fail to grasp the nettle at this critical juncture by preventing PAS from tabling the Hudud Bill before it is too late.

“Does the poor timing of the planned pro-Anwar mass rally show that PR leadership has yielded or acquiesced PAS’s pursuit on Hudud implementation and ready to accept Hudud by ignoring its dreadful consequences? Following the prison sentence of Anwar, both DAP and PKR have lost their directions by only trying to stir up the feelings of the public, neglecting the hudud issue at the same time. Is DAP and PKR deaf? The reason is that PAS has been declaring daily that the Islamic Law will be implemented, however both Pakatan parties does not seem to hear or see the danger lying in waiting. Or is it a covert attempt on diverting the people’s attention by staging the rally away from the hudud?

“PAS has announced they will table the Hudud Bill on 18 March, why there is no equal or likewise open effort to protest against PAS’s Hudud implementation and safeguard public interest as well as our Federal Constitution? Does a mass rally in support of Anwar more important than defending the fundamental pillars of the nationhood, people’s rights and interests?”

Liang urged DAP and PKR leadership to stop their political shenanigans but to take the bull by the horns and immediately stop PAS from pursuing their unconstitutional Hudud Bill. He reminded that both DAP and PKR have the immediate responsibility as political partner of PAS to prevent the crisis from continue unfolding. He maintained there is no basis for holding a pro-Anwar rally and called for more concerted efforts to stop PAS’s Hudud ambition. He also revealed that Gerakan is examining the options available and planning next course of action.




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