2015 Chinese New Year Message - Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia

2015 Chinese New Year Message


Gerakan National President cum

Minister in Prime Ministers Department

Y.B. Dato Mah Siew Keong

We concluded the year of Horse with heart-wrenching news and events that deeply etched in the hearts and minds of many Malaysians. It has been a rather difficult year that the nation has endured but Malaysians have shown the necessary strength, courage and resilience to stand up once again amidst the losses and emotional upheavals. Encouraged and inspired, it is important that we remain strong and united as a nation in preparing ourselves to face any eventuality as we take a leap into the New Year.

Chinese New Year symbolises a fresh start to renew our vitality and vigour for success and prosperity. Upon ushering in the Year of Goat, we should re-commit ourselves to the nations goal and strive for improvement. I strongly believe each and every one of us through our everyday civic participation has an integral role in realising the nations aspiration. We must not be overwhelmed or splintered by divisive forces of all contemptuous forms, neither should we overlook their threats. It is our hope on the advent of Chinese New Year to promote closeness and mutual respect as we are determined to foster the growth of moderation within our multiracial society.

Morality and righteousness have always been two of the important virtues admired by the Chinese community. We hope to propagate admirable values and goodwill across Malaysian public to enhance integrity in both public and private lives. The moral standards and ability of our society to reason and discern rationally must not be undermined for it is the unyielding pillars in our long-standing effort to thread a Malaysian success story.

It is hoped that the zest and determination accompanying the arrival of Chinese New Year would enable the continuous thriving of our beloved nation. Be thankful for our family and cherish what we have achieved together as a nation.

On behalf of Gerakan, I wish all Malaysians a Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!





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