Ministers should be providing solutions, not creating problems – Andy Yong

The key question: what is his motive or intention by referring to Chinese entrepreneurs?  Don't they ever realise or refuse to acknowledge the real problem? We expect our high level employees to provide solution instead of creating problems, not to mention a Minister. Do they actually know the problem or refuse to know it?

The Chinese community in Malaysia do not really control or intend to control the economy by dominating the urban businesses. Not to mention by hiking prices as alleged, though there are some unethical ones.

They excel in doing businesses through hard work, guts, far-sightedness, education, extensive regional networks, a tenacious and indefatigable spirit to succeed.

This entrepreneurial spirit of excellence in Chinese community has helped Malaysia progress well and it has nothing to with causing the miserable state of Malays’ poverty or burden. They are surely not less patriotic. Patriotism is not about singing the national anthem or working for the uniformed bodies only.

On the contrary, non-Malays' contributions toward Malaysia economy have immeasurably helped stabilize our socio-economic development. Tun Mahathir once said: “if we discount the non-Malays' contribution to the nation economy, Malaysia would be not much better than some of the African developing countries”. With non-Malays, Malaysia becomes better off, not worse off.

Actually, successful Malay businessmen, as we know, don't  really acquire any entrepreneurial high skills because some people made no genuine effort to nurture hardworking & highly-skilled Malay entrepreneurs. They are many potential ones out there.

Conversely, sometimes the policies and measures introduced have adversely & insidiously cultivated the “crutch mentality”, which has also atrophied them to be narrow-minded and short-sighted, best exemplified by the unsound statement made by Ismail. Kurup should not have issued a statement to support unless he is certain of the latter's intention.

Minister should look at it as a Malaysians' problem and provide a solution instead of such an absurd proposal.

* Andy Yong is National Deputy Youth Chief of Parti Gerakan.

* This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of The Malaysian Insider.





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