Gerakan criticises Isma’s call to turn Shariah law into supreme law Cheah Soon Hai: Civil law is serving us well

Press statement by

Gerakan Deputy President

Dato’ Dr. Cheah Soon Hai

23 January 2015

Gerakan Deputy President, Dato’ Dr. Cheah Soon Hai criticised a call by Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia’s President, Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman to turn Shariah law into the supreme law of the country superseding the civil law. He said Gerakan notes with deep concern and dismay the suggestion which clearly goes against the Federal Constitution. He called for serious attention from the government to instruct Attorney General’s Chambers to engage confused parties and stop the misleading remarks.

“These remarks were made apparently with no understanding or respect towards the legal system under the Federal Constitution. The secular nature entrenched in the civil law is serving us well. We are a multiracial and multi-religious nation whereby all affairs have been conducting based on the common law system, there is no credible basis for the call to topple the civil law in favour of Shariah law,” said Cheah

Cheah reminded that Federal Constitution as the supreme law of the land restricts Islamic legislation to marriage, divorce and inheritance. He invited all parties to be mindful and respect the Federal Constitution and legal system. He maintained that it is hugely irresponsible to offer offhand and ill-considered opinion for no valid reason.

“All parties should show more consideration on possible ramifications as a result of their words and actions. Let there be no mistake on this matter, civil law is not at fault neither it is incomplete just because he disagrees with the court ruling, he ought to show more respect and understanding,” said Cheah





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