Gerakan welcomed Sarawak initiative to sign the integrity pledge against corruption Liang Teck Meng: all state cabinet should follow the move to show their commitment

Press statement by

Gerakan Secretary General

Y. B. Datuk Liang Teck Meng

17 January 2015

Gerakan Secretary General Datuk Liang Teck Meng welcomed Sarawak’s state Cabinet initiative to sign the integrity pledge against corruption, which required them to declare their assets following the signature. Adding that Gerakan fully supported the move, Liang believed that such initiative would regain people’s confidence about the credibility as well as integrity of the BN government.

“The state cabinet’s decision is highly welcomed as it clearly shows the government’s commitment towards better serving the people. There has been numerous rumours and concerns raised about the integrity of the government, and the move would clear the air as it allows the people to better monitor the financing and decision-making of the government,” said Liang.

Liang added that corruption fighting had been the top priority among Gerakan’s struggles. Gerakan Wanita had launched an anti-corruption campaign earlier in 2014 to raise the awareness on the importance of combating corruption, a move which shows that corruption fighting was not merely a slogan called for by the party but also had been put into actions.

Lastly, Liang urged all sides to support the Sarawak state initiative as well as called for all state cabinets to follow the move to show that the government is a true people’s government.




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