Gerakan wants whipping for snatch thieves

KUALA LUMPUR: Gerakan wants mandatory whipping for snatch thieves who have long preyed on the people, especially the women who form the majority of their victims.

Wanita Gerakan Chief Tan Lian Hoe called in a statement for both sides of the political divide to come together on the issue and back appropriate legislation to combat the menace.

Wanita Gerakan will work with its two MPs to draft a bill on this urgent proposal. “It is our hope that all MPs will vote to support this bill,” she said.

She wants repeat offenders to be doubly whipped. Snatch thieves who are caught causing grievous injuries and death, she added, should be charged under the Section 323 of the Penal Code for causing injury without a weapon.

“Women carrying handbags and even men wearing chains have been increasingly fallen victim to snatch thieves who have no qualms about causing harm to their victims with their cowardly actions,” she said.

“We have heard enough accounts and viewed enough CCTV recordings on social media showing victims with their handbag straps being dragged along the roads by snatch thieves on motorcycles, causing serious injuries and even many cases of death.”

Enough is enough, she stressed, in calling for streets to be made safer “and it is our right as men and women to feel safe and be safe walking along public roads and not having to watch over our shoulders all the time especially when we hear the roar of motorbikes”.






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