Gerakan Wanita reiterates pledge on fight against corruption Ng Siew Lai: More needs to be done to eradicate corruption in reality

Press statement by

Gerakan Wanita Deputy Chief

Datuk Ng Siew Lai

9 December 2014

In conjunction of International Anti-Corruption Day, Gerakan Wanita Deputy Chief, Datuk Ng Siew Lai reiterated pledge to fight against corruption on all fronts and at all levels. She asserted that Gerakan Wanita is determined to help the government and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) in their firm and ongoing endeavours to fight against corruption. She vowed to continue the important task to raise public awareness and participation in a collective effort to eradicate faulty conditions that make it possible for the corrupt practices of fraud, bribery or money-laundering.

Ng stressed that Gerakan Wanita has embarked on a series of nationwide anti-corruption runs since its first stop held at Padang Merbok in April officiated by Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak. She stressed that the run for a cause carrying the theme of “Don’t Give, Don’t Take” has concluded its latest stop in Pahang on last Sunday while Johor will be the next state to hold the run. She was glad with positive participation from the public on the runs and was upbeat that it is in course of enhancing public awareness to fight against corruption in a more collective, determined and conscious manner.

Ng noted that Malaysia has improved its ranking in the Corruption Perception Index 2014 (CPI) by climbing up 3 places to be ranked 50th out of 175 countries surveyed. She was satisfied with the improvement while also reckoned that more needs to be done to combat corruption and reminded that it is a continual effort involving all quarters of the society.

Ng pointed out the importance in breaking the corruption chain as it is a serious crime that undermines democratic institution, socio-economic development and perverting the rule of law of a nation. Hence, she supported PM Dato’ Sri Najib’s recent call to introduce stiffer penalties for givers and takers of bribes and also to regulate political funding for parties across the spectrum. She was also supportive of proposal from the Special Committee on Corruption for strict screening of government servants and government-linked companies. Ng regarded them as determined measures in line with public expectation that demonstrate commitment from government leaders to combat corruption and insisted that current trend must be rectified and improved especially in public sector.

Ng called on consensus building from all parties to escalate effort in eradicating corruption as she maintained that the nation must not only be perceived as improving in numerical index, but also to be in course of achieving a corruption-free nation in reality. 





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