Selangor Gerakan urges MB to address outstanding issues in state David Ang Chin Tat: More actual and pressing issues await than superficial publicity

Press statement by

Gerakan Selangor State Chairman

David Ang Chin Tat

4 December 2014

Gerakan Selangor State Chairman, David Ang Chin Tat was unimpressed with Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali’s recent move to reduce the salaries of four posts: Menteri Besar, state executive councillor, Speaker and Deputy Speaker. He was convinced that the pay cuts were mere window dressing serving populist appeal as there are many outstanding issues in the state that need prompt attention from the Selangor MB.

David Ang believed the reduction of salaries is superficial and lacks the true political will in reviewing the wage structure of state legislators and administrators as a whole. He noted that only four positions in the state assembly were slapped with pay cuts instead of the total 56 members of the house. David Ang reminded that Azmin Ali himself had led the opposing voices against massive pay hikes to all state assemblymen introduced by the then Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

“The Selangor MB’s move to introduce pay cuts on the 4 positions is dwarfed by his own words and aspiration to review the quantum of salary granted. He once said that the increase was too high as the chief of Selangor legislative backbenchers (BBC), I hope he could still recall the matter and make necessary adjustment,” said David Ang

David Ang also pointed out that there are a number of outstanding issues which require immediate attention and one of them is the increase of assessment rates in Selangor. He stressed that the Selangor state government should review the exorbitant assessment rates from property owners and excessive license fees that affect the small and medium businesses in the state. He felt the continued ignorance by the state government is burdening the people and hampering businesses.

“I urge the state government not to turn a deaf ear to grouses from the Selangorians, there are more actual and pressing issues concerning the Rakyat which the MB should have shown more interest and action. I have received many complaints from the Rakyat on the excessive assessment rates and business licensing, it goes against public interest and I hope MB would address the issues promptly,” said David Ang.





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