Selangor Gerakan condemned DAP’s demand for second Deputy Speaker Andy Yong: DAP’s demand is unconstitutional as it is not a political reward

Press statement by

Selangor Gerakan State Secretary

Andy Yong Kim Seng

1 December 2014

Selangor Gerakan State Secretary, Andy Yong Kim Seng condemned Selangor DAP Chairman Tony Pua who requested for a second Deputy Speaker be created and given to DAP in Selangor. Andy Yong who is also Gerakan Youth Deputy Chief criticised Pua’s demand as unconstitutional and held strongly that it is wrong to treat the position of Deputy Speaker as a trophy or reward for political support. He noted that Bangi assemblyman Mohd Shafie Ngah has been appointed as the new Selangor Legislative Assembly Deputy Speaker last week and there is no provision for an additional Deputy Speaker post as lobbied by DAP.

“The demand by Pua clearly shows that he has little regards towards the State Constitution as Article 71 (2A) Constitution of Selangor 1959 clearly states that the Legislative Assembly may from time to time choose one of its members to be Deputy Speaker. It is wrong to treat the position of Deputy Speaker as a reward to political patronage or partisan support. We feel that DAP Pua’s demand is tantamount to mockery towards the integrity and sanctity of Selangor Legislative Assembly,” said Andy Yong

Andy Yong urged the Selangor DAP Chairman to study the State Constitution carefully before claiming its political credit. He concerned that DAP’s unchecked arrogance and greediness is threatening the procedural democracy of the Selangor Legislative Assembly. He reminded that the appointment of Deputy Speaker is not a matter of political bargaining which is morally and democratically unjust.





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