Gerakan slams remarks against Chinese community Mah Siew Keong: Malaysia must move beyond racial politics

Press statement by

Gerakan National President

Y.B. Dato’ Mah Siew Keong

29 November 2014

Gerakan National President Y. B. Dato’ Mah Siew Keong condemned Permatang Pauh UMNO division chairman Dato’ Mohd Zaid Said as well as UMNO Perak delegate Dato’ Mohd Radzi Manan on their remarks against the Chinese community. Mah held strongly that their remarks were unfair and discriminatory against the Chinese community. 


In response to Penang UMNO division chairman Dato’ Mohd Zaid Said who attributed the economic gains of Chinese in Penang to their involvement  in illegal activities, Mah said the previous should not downplay the hardwork of Chinese to earn their livings due to his personal prejudices and stereotypes. The Penang police chief Dato’ Abdul Hamid had repeatedly clarified that there were no such illegal activities in Penang. Therefore, the UMNO division chairman’s remark was groundless and merely made out of his personal perception. 


On the other hand, Mah also disagreed with the UMNO Perak delegate Dato’ Mohd Radzi Manan who urged BN to give up on winning Chinese support as it would be useless. Mah pointed out that Chinese still supported BN given appropriate policies and perception, which was evident through the return of Chinese supports in recent by-elections. 


“Gerakan has always been a party which advocates moderation and inclusiveness among different races in Malaysia. We should stop lingering on racial politics as the country’s development requires the participation of all racial communities. Lastly, I urge all leaders as well as the government to treat all ethnic community equally and fairly, as well as be more considerate and sensitive during public speech to avoid causing hard feelings among any community in the country.”





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