Tickets being sold for non-existent event

GEORGE TOWN: Certain quarters are trying to create mischief by selling tickets to unsuspecting members of the public for a non-existent public talk at Speakers’ Corner in Esplanade on December 1, saying that Gerakan is organising the event.

Penang Gerakan secretary Oh Tong Keong lodged a police report this morning and advised those who bought the tickets to also do the same.

In his report, Oh said Gerakan came to know about the ticket sales yesterday when its state office received telephone calls and walk-in enquiries on the event.

He said according to the mechanics of the event as promoted via telephone, participants could come to the Penang Gerakan office in Jalan Macalister to claim RM80 each as reimbursements for their tickets after attending the event.

“The public should be careful and counter-check with the relevant parties to avoid being taken for a ride.

“Gerakan does not pay any money to the public to attend such events,” Oh said in a statement.

In an unrelated issue, Oh also took a pot shot at Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng for conveniently and shamelessly blaming his driver for illegally parking his official car “PG1.”

He also chided Lim for challenging the Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP) enforcement unit to issue a summons to his driver.

He said Lim could have easily resolved such a minor matter by ordering his driver to park his official car only at designated parking lots.

“If a leader can’t even educate his driver, how could he lead the people?

Photos of the Chief Minister’s official car being parked illegally have gone viral on social media, not just once, but on several occasions.

In the latest incident, PG1 was found parked illegally on a bicycle lane in Jalan Gurdwara.






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