Be transparent on state land sales, Penang state govt told

The Penang state government did not reveal the whole truth on the sale of state-owned lands in the past six years, Gerakan alleged today.

State Gerakan secretary Oh Tong Keong referring to statistics released by Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng in last week’s assembly session, claimed that the Pakatan administration has hidden several state land sales from public knowledge.

Oh said that Lim, in his winding-up speech had revealed that Pakatan had sold 1.1 acres in Taman Manggis, George Town for RM10.2 million, and 102 acres of land in Bayan Mutiara for RM1.1 billion.

He accused Lim of failing to disclose at least four other land sales in the city which had earned the government at least a revenue of RM40 million.

He also alleged that the state government had sold a vacant plot of land in Jalan Free School, a shop lot in Jalan Hutton, nine shop lots in Jalan CY Choy and five shop lots in Lebuh Kimberley.

“Lim failed to disclose details on the alleged sale of state land at Batu Kawan in mainland Seberang Perai.

“All these landed properties belong to the people of Penang, but were sold to private sectors. Maybe there are other sales of state land that we are not aware of,” he said in a statement today.

He alleged that the state government earned an estimated RM10 million annually, from sales of public land and properties.

At the assembly session, Lim claimed that the previous Barisan Nasional (BN) administration had sold 35 times more land than his government, despite Pakatan’s proceeds from the sales being higher from BN’s.

Oh claimed that state-owned land had dwindled from 12% pre-2008 to 8% now, of the total land area in Penang.

He urged the state government to explain how the land area had “shrunk” by 4% in only six years.





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