‘Anti-GST is unprincipled political defiance’ - Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia

‘Anti-GST is unprincipled political defiance’

The open challenge by Pakatan Rakyat on the Goods and Tax service (GST) shows an unprincipled political defiance, says Gerakan deputy president Cheah Soon Hai.

Cheah, in a statement yesterday, said that the opposition party should be aware that financial matters, including tax is listed under the Federal List and should not be simply challenged.

“The emergency motion tabled by DAP-led state to defy the introduction of GST by the federal government poses a serious challenge to the underpinning constitutional federalism of the country,” Cheah said.

The Penang state assembly, on Nov 14 had issued an emergencymotion, tabled by Lee Khai Loon (PKR Machang Bubuk) to hold off the implementation of GST in April 2015 until the state achieves a developed state and high-income status.

Lee had claimed that GST will burden the poor and middle income group and will affect many sectors. The motion, instead, urged the government to focus on effective governance.

Cheah (left) further said that PR leaders should keep an open mind and realise that GST will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the existing taxation system.

The BN party stated that it is also concerned that the socio-political cohesion and nationhood with federalism could put the country under “unnecessary challenge” by irresponsible politicking of certain indifferent parties.

Cheah said, instead of focusing on GST, DAP should focus on the implementation of hudud by its PR counterpart PAS.

“(Instead), I urge DAP to pass an emergency motion to reject the insistence of its Pakatan counterpart PAS to reject the implementation of hudud in Kelantan.

“We (are) strongly against hudud, and DAP leaders have an immediate responsibility to stop their political partner from pushing the implementation of hudud with concrete action,” he added.

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