Guillotine amputation will shame Malaysia internationally, says Gerakan Youth

Gerakan Youth Chief Tan Keng Liang said top DAP leaders should voice their protest over the proposal by the Kelantan government to use a mini guillotines to amputate the limbs of wrong doers. 

Gerakan has labelled Pas Kelantan’s plans to introduce a guillotine to amputate limbs of those convicted of stealing as “barbaric”.

In a text message to The Rakyat Post today, its Youth chief Tan Keng Liang likened the plan proposed by the PAS-led state’s hudud law technical committee as “no different from Taliban’s”.

He went on to refer to the method as a “French thing” which he said was unethical.

Guillotines were used during the 1973 French Revolution to behead King Louis XVI and his queen Marie Antoinette.

“It would shame Malaysia internationally.”

Earlier today The Star Online had reported that the PAS-led state’s hudud law technical committee was mulling to introduce “mini guillotines” despite garnering criticisms from surgeons.

Surgeons had cried foul over the suggestion as it violated the Malaysian Medical Association’s Hippocratic Oath, a pledge made to uphold professional and ethical standards.

Despite DAP’s National Political Education Director Liew Chin Tong slamming Kelantan Deputy Menteri Besar Datuk Nik Mohd Amar Abdullah for proposing such a plan, Tan said DAP’s top leaders should voice their displeasure as well.

Liew had described the move as “inhumane” and disappointing and called the proposal to be “guillotined”.

“I’m also surprised why Pakatan, in particular top DAP leaders like Lim Kit Siang are quiet over this. No Malaysian should be amputated in whatsoever manner.”





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