Let courts decide if threat to burn Bible seditious or not – Tan Keng Liang

By Tan Keng Liang

I refer to the statement yesterday by the Attorney-General’s Chambers (A-GC) that the threat by Perkasa chief Datuk Ibrahim Ali to burn Bibles is not seditious.

 According to the A-GC, this is because Ibrahim had made the remarks in the context of an incident in Jelutong, Penang, where copies of the Bible were distributed to members of the public, including Muslims.

As decided by the courts, before a statement is deemed to have seditious tendencies, the statement must be seen as a whole and cannot be separated from the context.

Ibrahim was merely out to defend the sanctity of Islam. Gerakan Youth disagrees with the views of A-GC.

There are no circumstances or context which warrants any Malaysian to threaten to burn Bibles or any other religious book.

The threat to burn Bibles or any other religious book is seditious in whatever circumstances or context.

We understand the A-GC has the discretion whether to prosecute on the said case or not.

However, we are of the view that in the current case, the A-GC should not have passed judgment on the matter and should have allowed the judiciary to decide.

As this case is of public interest, Gerakan Youth urges the government to advise the A-GC to allow the judiciary to decide whether the threat to burn Bibles or any other religious book is seditious or not.

 There must not be any precedent for anyone to burn the holy book of others in order to protect his own religion. Harmony in Malaysia must be protected.






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