Penang govt shirking its responsibilities, says BN

The Penang government has failed in its Credibility, Accountability and Transparency (CAT) stand with regard to the Wet World Wild (WWW) Adventure Park fiasco, claims Barisan Nasional.

Its Penang chairman, Teng Chang Yeow, said instead of taking full responsibility for the failure, the DAP-led state government pushed the whole issue to the Penang Global Tourism (PGT).

Yesterday, PGT issued a press statement expressing shock over Teng’s allegation of PGT’s involvement in the water park near the tourism belt.

Teng had reportedly claimed that the project was carried out in collaboration with PGT.

He had demanded to know why a project involving a state agency had ceased operations abruptly.

Teng had also described the colourful inflatable structures as unsafe as it was easily damaged by high-waves reported over the past couple of weeks, adding that the management had assured the public the site was safe.

The Penang Gerakan chairman today, however, had denied making wild allegations as claimed by the PGT or the state government.

“All I can say is I am shocked that the state government is shirking from its responsibilities in shouldering the blame over the entire failure.”

Despite denial by the PGT, Teng is insisting that WWW was indeed a collaboration between PGT and Theme Park Concepts and Services (TPCS).

In a press conference today, Teng cited a Malay Mail Online article dated Aug 14 of last year where it was reported that: “Wet World Wild Adventure Park is the brainchild of Theme Park Concepts & Services Sdn Bhd in collaboration with Penang Global Tourism Board.”

He also quoted as reporting that: “WWW is a project by TPCS and supported by the Penang Global Tourism Board — a setup by the state government to promote tourism”.

In response to Teng’s claims, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, at his press conference in Komtar today, maintained his stand of letting the issue be handled by PGT and confirmed that the state did not suffer from any financial losses from the short-lived park.

“It was a private business operations,” said Lim, adding that if it had reaped profit, then the state government would also gain, but if losses were incurred, it would not affect the state government.

Last year, it was announced that a first-of-its-kind open seawater adventure park in Asia, reminiscent of popular American challenge game show Wipeout, would be launched off the shores in Batu Ferringhi in October.

Located off the seafront of Komplex Bayu Senja, near the Park Royal Hotel Penang, the water park comprises a variety of inflatable “obstacles” that include a running track, trampoline, swings, slides and even a human catapult.





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