Increasing number of single mothers in Sabah a concern, says Gerakan Wanita delegate

SHAH ALAM: An East Malaysian Gerakan Wanita delegate expressed her concerns of the increasing number of single mothers in Sabah.

Kelingau division delegate Sabrina James Pointed said that the trend is increasing in Sabah, and single mothers, majority of whom are below 30 years old and divorced by their husbands, are suffering.

"For example, in Tenum, an interior village in Sabah, there are about 2,000 single mother registered (with the authorities).

"The numbers may be small, but the trend is increasing," she claimed, alleging that there could be something 'more sinister' in the trend.

Sabrina pointed out that it was also difficult for single mothers to get financial aid, due to where they are living, and red tape by the authorities.

"It is difficult for them to get the assistance like BR1M, as they have to get approval from their ex-spouses, some of whom, do not want to meet them," she said.

She calls on the government to assist these group of women.

Another delegate, Koay Siew Choon, of Pengkalan Weld division in Penang, expressed her concerns, that as much as Gerakan is trying to combat corruption, it still occurs in the government departments.

"For example, there is a lack of manpower in some offices, and it takes awhile to get certain things done.

"But if you put 'something inside', the job can be immediately done within one or two days," she said.

Koay said such ethics should not be practiced in any ministries or departments.

Another delegate, Sungai Siput division member Chong Siew Lan concurred with Koay's view.

"If people do not ask and do not receive bribes, then corruption can be curbed," she said this in the presence of 512 delegates at the Wanita Wing delegation conference.

The conference also saw six resolution passed, including combating corruption, taking extreme and racial politics seriously and limiting the National Wanita chief and state Wanitaa chief position for three terms only.





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