Gerakan AGM: Amendments to party constitution in pipeline

Members will be allowed to speak on any issue for five minutes during the AGM

The main issue at the Gerakan annual general meeting this weekend will be the amendment to the party constitution to limit the terms of the president and state chairmen.

Its president Datuk Mah Siew Keong said the members had rejected the initial proposal of limiting it to two terms.

He said they wanted to limit the tenure to three terms and this will be tabled at the AGM this Saturday.

He added that another amendment that will be introduced is that irrespective of gender all those joining Gerakan below 35 will be members of the Youth wing.

“At the moment women join the Wanita wing no matter what their age is.

“Allowing them to join the Youth wing will help attract more people to the party,” Mah said.

He pointed out that maybe one day the Youth wing could have a woman leader.

At present, after the age of 35 the women will automatically become members of the Wanita wing.

Party deputy speaker Syed Abdul Razak Alsagoff said during the main AGM delegates will be allowed to speak about anything for five minutes.

He said it is likely that the Sedition Act will be discussed, adding that many members were unhappy with the way it was being used at the moment.

“We should not use the Sedition Act to stop sensible discussion in civil society,” Syed Abdul Razak said.

He added that people also cannot be allowed to say things that could hurt others and the right thing to do would be to have elements of the Sedition Act in the National Harmony Bill.

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