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Politicians main cause of divisiveness, says Gerakan

Barisan Nasional's coalition partner, Gerakan, has fingered politicians as being one of the culprits contributing to the increasing divisiveness in the country, saying that the time has come to stop making heroes out of those who makes extreme remarks.
Gerakan president Datuk Mah Siew Keong said what is lacking in Malaysia now is consultation to douse the raging sensitive issues such as race and religion which have often taken centrestage.
Consultation, he said, should not be treated as a "dirty word" as it is imperative to promote harmony.
"Politicians are at fault because they play to the gallery and are increasing divisiveness among us. For example, in parliament they shout and call each other names but once outside the Chambers, they hug and are amicable towards each other.
"The public unfortunately don't see this and this influences people and may create anger towards other communities," he said at the gathering with young people organised by the Najib Razak Club.
Named after the prime minister, the club is a movement aimed at making a difference in Malaysia through positive nation building as advocated by the premier.
Since the general election last year, there were several racially-charged incidents that caused tension between certain segments of the communities.
Mah lamented that people with extreme opinions are hogging the headlines nowadays, so much so that they are seen as "brave" or "heroes".
"It is time for us to stop making heroes out of extremists but make heroes out of moderates.
"We are multi-racial and multi-religious, it is not possible for us to be one-sided," he stressed. He said more and more people nowadays are insisting they are right and opinions contrary to their's are deemed wrong and against them.
"We are now against people and no longer against an issue, as long as you are not from their group, whatever you say or do is all wrong," he lamented.
His Chinese majority multi-racial party has opted to take the middle path and promote respect and compromise as it believes that is the way forward for multi-racial and multi-faith Malaysia.
Mah called on youths to play an active role in the country's future, saying that they need to be aware of issues and give constructive feedback on how to move the nation forward.
On Putrajaya's current sedition dragnet, while agreeing that the colonial-era Sedition Act is "negative" which only focused on enforcement, he nevertheless felt that the police and the Attorney-General's Chambers are independent bodies who know what they were doing.
"We have to see them as independent bodies, they are different from politicians. We leave it to them to do what they think is best for the country," he said.
The sedition blitz has seen a string of opposition politicians, activists, law academicians, news portal Malaysiakini and one of its journalist as well as a Muslim cleric, all of whom have either been charged with sedition, are facing trial or are under investigation.





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