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Business owners upset over deposit ruling

AMPANG: Questions are being raised by business owners on the need to pay a month's advance deposit to the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) when renewing their yearly operating licences.

Gerakan Teratai chairman Ben Liew said he had received several complaints regarding the deposit payment, which can range from RM393 to over RM1,400 depending on the type of business.

Liew said the requirement is a new regulation and it is unclear why there is a need for it, if the money will be returned and how, and also the need to pay the deposit in cash.

"This is unfair to the businesses, and one of the questions raised is if it's a deposit then when and how will the business owners be getting back the money?" he told reporters at his service centre in Taman Muda today.

He said MPAJ will also impose a fine of RM1,000 for late payment after the deadline of Dec 31.

Liew, on behalf of businesses in the area, urged MPAJ to withdraw the requirement and invited Teratai assemblyman Tiew Way Keng to join him in a dialogue with the council to help solve the problem.

When contacted, Tiew said she is aware of the issue and said it is a provision under the local by-law that was passed in 2007 but had yet to be enforced until now.

 Tiew believes the regulation was passed because when business owners commit offences, they tend to drag their feet in paying fines.

"From what MPAJ told me, this is so that the local council can deduct from the deposit directly when an offence is committed," she told theSun.

However, she urged those dissatisfied with the directive to make an official appeal to MPAJ.

MPAJ councillor Sally Sian said the local council is aware of the public's disapproval and had written to former Mentri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim's administration about it.

"It is actually a state policy and we have already written to the state government to ask them to review the policy when Khalid was still Mentri Besar," she said.

When contacted, an MPAJ official in the public relations department clarified that the deposit can be paid in cash, by credit card or cheque.





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