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BN parties slam Kelantan netball male ban

Gerakan has lashed out at the Kelantan government for banning male spectators from watching netball tournaments, saying the move is “unwarranted and ill-conceived”.

In a statement today, Gerakan Wanita chairperson Tan Lian Hoe said true adherence to religious teachings and moral codes should come within oneself, not by reinforcing gender segregation in sports.

“Sports is a healthy exercise, both mentally and physically, and should not be confused with gender, religious or ethnic elements.

“Therefore, gender and religious beliefs should not become an issue to stop men from engaging or supporting healthy exercises,” Tan said.

 The Kelantan state government said two days ago that the state’s move to ban male spectators from a netball tournament next month was based on  it had received.

 The ban was said to be based on the government’s experience in organising the Nisa Games, which first introduced the move to ban male spectators in sports that involve women.

 The New Straits Times reported on Aug 18 that the Kelantan government will organise netball tournaments in the state’s 14 parliamentary constituencies and that only female spectators would be allowed to watch the matches.

 All players, including non-Muslims have to wear long-sleeved T-shirts and loose-fitting track pants, with the matches taking place indoors.

'What about mixed doubles?'

 Meanwhile MCA religious harmony bureau chairperson Ti Lian Ker chipped in with numerous volleys over the question of mixed genders.

 "What about racquet sports like badminton or tennis where there are mixed-doubles?

 "Kelantan can forget ever hosting any regional and international competitions like the Southeast Asian Games, Asian Games or Commonwealth Games where mixed pairs are expected to take part in, or where it will be impossible to enforce prevent the opposite gender from viewing each other during the march past for the opening and closing ceremonies," he said.

 He served up a series of other examples such as male family members supporting at games, march pasts, and going beyond the arena to medical situations and school situations where PAS's gender separation would be counterproductive.


 "The list is never-ending ... Where will the line be drawn?" he asked.

 MCA and Gerakan have made a sport of attacking the Kelantan government's conservative policies, for example the ruling prohibiting  from attending to male customers.





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