Another circus act by opposition: Gerakan

Kota Kinabalu: The opposition is trying to mislead the people that the Government is not doing anything to about security in the East Coast.

Gerakan Sepanggar Chief, Jimmy Wong, said the Pakatan Rakyat's plan to table several motions in the coming State Assembly sitting, including a vote of no confidence against Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman, showed that they were incapable of being effective and responsible parties.

Noting that none of the opposition had openly condemned the kidnappers, he said they were only interested on how to use the issue for their selfish political gain. Wong said solutions to the problems affecting the East Coast may not come so easily.

"From operational research point of views, the clampdown needs more sophisticated strategy and sure it has to get well coordinated efforts and response from the Philippines Government, not forgetting the cost and time needed," he said, Friday.

"The fact is the opposition had run out of ideas and tactics to smear the Barisan Nasional Government.

"Now they try another circus show by attempting to move the motion of no confidence on the Chief Minister," said Wong who is also a former political secretary to the Chief Minister.

"It may be their democratic right to do their part, but as a responsible Sabahan-cum-Malaysian, they ought to know that in the current situation, we all need to be united to face challenges and adverse forces from outside while maintaining a united force internally.

"When our citizens or tourists were kidnapped by bandits and illegals, these opposition, instead, point their gun outwardly."

"They started all sorts of ways and means to attack the security forces that are trying to seal the gap to fend off the unwanted elements.

"They should condemn these kidnappers and the culprits and not our own security forces or the government," he said.

Wong said the opposition should understand that the government was trying its best to strategise, plan, counter and set up various units to keep Sabah safe.

"In order to do so, they need all the moral and resource support and not a load of abuse and disrespect of fellow Malaysians. If our own people are doing that how do you think those bandits are looking at us?" he asked.

Wong believed the Government would continue to work on the issue and restore stability and security so that the State's economic development programme can proceed by regaining the confidence of tourists and investors.

"If the opposition are responsible, they should give a hand to how best we can overcome these problems together and not start to burn our own kitchen while robbers are outside," he said.

It was reported that opposition leader in the State Assembly, Datuk Lajim Ukin, had submitted an application to table the vote of no confidence motion in the upcoming sitting beginning July 14.

Lajim who was represented by several Pakatan assemblymen on Thursday had stated that the Chief Minister should be held responsible since he is the chairman of the State Security Committee as well as the Eastern Sabah Security Command.

Despite the setting up of Esscom following the Sulu intrusion in Lahad Datu last year, Malaysia's waters in the East Coast continued to be breached by kidnap-for-ransom groups resulting in four kidnapping incidents up to this year.

The opposition said the seemingly unabated incidents had greatly affected the State's economy with the tourism sector being hit most. Defence matters come under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government.





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