Think out of the ‘racial-box’, Gerakan raps Ramasamy

Kuala Lumpur July 4: Gerakan Wanita today condemned Penang Deputy Chief Minister II Dr. P. Ramasamy’s for his remark where he labelled Datuk Mah Siew Keong’s appointment, to oversee the National Hindu Endowment Board, as an insult to Indians.

Gerakan Wanita secretary-general Jayanthi Devi Balaguru said that Dr Ramasamy’s remarks were highly racist in nature and it was unbecoming for a Deputy Chief Minister to utter such discriminatory and derogatory remarks.

“What has colour, race or creed got to do with public responsibilities?” she asked.

“Surely, Dr Ramasamy is not a Deputy Chief Minister II for the Indians only but why the discriminatory and derogatory remarks against Datuk Mah Siew Keong?

“Does he feel that only an Indian can oversee the national Hindu Endowment Board or it will make Datuk Mah a lesserMalaysian to oversee this Board?” Jayanthi asked further.

Jayanthi reminded Dr Ramasamy that Gerakan is a non-race based party that has always challenged and defended the rights of all Malaysians.

Therefore, she said, it is very misleading and unfair to call Mah’s appointment to administrate Hindu Affairs an insult to the Indians due to his ethnicity.

She stressed that it does not make us any lesser Malay, Chinese or Indian with the unprecedented cabinetappointment, it just confirms us as the People’s Movement Party as we don’t divide and rule.

“The Prime Minister’s appointment of Datuk Mah is based on his familiarity with problems afflicting the Indian community as there are approximately 19 per cent Indian voters in Teluk Intan where he hails from and now serves as an MP after the recent by-election.

“Datuk Mah enjoys tremendous support from local Indian community, I have no doubt he will succeed in bringing further development and uplifting to the livelihoods and 

 of Indians through his newly assigned cabinet role, I never doubted his commitment and experience,” said Jayanthi.

Jayanthi urged Dr Ramasamy to reflect himself through a mirror on what he had contributed to the Indian community as he is currently in his second term.

“Dr Ramasamy must come out and think out of the box, especially a leap beyond his racial thinking and cease being pessimistic or worried over Datuk Mah’s ability and aptitude,” she stressed.

Jayanthi maintained that Malaysians should rejoice over the groundbreaking Cabinet appointment of Datuk Mah that is transcending the traditional racial lines and look forward for greater social unity.





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