Gerakan raps 'un-Malaysian' Ramasamy

Gerakan National Youth has lambasted Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P Ramasamy for his "unMalaysian"  on party president Mah Siew Keong’s appointment to oversee the Hindu Endowment Board.

 The wing's chief Tan Keng Liang said today the concept of race is no longer applicable as a Malaysian is expected to take care of every other Malaysian, regardless of race or religious community.

 "The mentality that only a minister from your own race can be allowed to take care of your own race is just unMalaysian.

 "DAP claims to be multiracial, but how can it come up with such a remark?" he added.

Tan urged Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, who supervises Ramasamy, to explain why the his deputy in the state government had responded to Mah's appointment in such a manner.

 "Does Ramasamy mean that a Chinese chief minister like Guan Eng can only take care of the Chinese community?" he asked.

 Tan was referring to Ramasamy's statement that it was "an insult" for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to  Mah to oversee the Hindu board, asking if there were no capable Hindus available to take on the job.

 Ramasamy, who is Penang Hindu Endowment Board chairperson, said the portfolio should at least be handed over to an MIC leader.


 Tan explained that Mah's role in the Hindu board was merely to execute programmes and there would be people from the ground to provide him with feedback from the community.

 He said Mah has appointed Gerakan Youth members Ivanpal S. Grewal and Manimaran Muthu to be his political secretary and special officer, respectively, to assist him in the new portfolio.

Comprehensive, permanent solutions needed

 Meanwhile, Persatuan Hindraf Malaysia (PHM) wants all politicians to stop meddling and get on with the task of finding comprehensive and permanent solutions to the complex problems of Hindus.

 "What is really needed is a set of informed and well thought out solutions to deal with the issues and problems more effectively, comprehensively and permanently.

"We do not want more political sandiwara, such as what has begun and as tends to happen when the political class gets involved," Penang PHM chief Kalayselvam Kandasamy said.

 "Further, when trust organisations (such as the Hindu Endowment Board) are handled by politicians, they tend to become instruments of patronage and plunder – the real needs of the people tend to take second place, if at all," he added.

 Kalayselvam said the political class has shown over the decades that it is not able to deal with Hindu issues effectively and it would therefore best to get senior and respected Hindu citizens of the country involved in such tasks.





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