Hudud will bring Malaysia back to dark ages, say Chinese-based political parties

Chinese political parties from both sides of the divide slammed Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) for suggesting that the proposed hudud laws be enforced on all Malaysians, and said the country would return to the dark ages this was realised.

MCA wondered if there was a "race" between Isma and other like-minded Muslim groups to be "more chauvinistic" in their views against the Chinese and non-Muslim communities.

"It seems beyond reason, to reason with these organisations as they seemed to have a 'us versus them' fixation against any community which is different from them," said MCA's Shariah law and policy implementation special task force deputy chairman, Datuk Khoo Chin Nam.


He said the party has a duty to speak up for the public on the repercussions of the Federal Constitution being amended to include hudud.

He said out of 57 members of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), only slightly above 10% practise the Islamic law, adding that these countries have high rates of poverty,  illiteracy,  ‎corruption and power abuse.

DAP's national organising secretary Anthony Loke said Isma's statement clearly proved the group was out to create disharmony between the country's multiracial citizens.

"I believe they are making such provocative statements to create unrest and disharmony.

"They are more dangerous than Perkasa," said the Seremban MP, referring to the right-wing Malay rights group.

He called on Putrajaya to put a stop to such racial tirade, saying it was aimed at provoking the non-Muslims.

He advised the public not to react to avoid falling into Isma's trap.

Loke (pic, left) said DAP's stand on hudud was clear, adding that Islamic law is not in line with the Federal Constitution and unsuitable for Malaysia's multi-racial society.

Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang said Isma's statement proved that hudud would not be for Muslims alone.


"Isma is ‎helping to reveal PAS's actual agenda and the realities of hudud if it's implemented in Malaysia," he said.

He said ‎any flaws in the current criminal law system can be amended instead of revamping the entire system with a new law.


"We can have stiffer penalties in the form of higher fines or jail sentences," he said.

Earlier today, Isma president Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman said the implementation of hudud should cover not just Muslims but all Malaysians for the well-being of the country and to curb criminals from committing crimes.

"Yes, it should be for all. For Muslims, it is for the forgiveness of sins. And for the non-Muslims, it is in national interests and to safeguard the public," Abdullah told a press conference in Bangi.

Giving an example, Abdullah said if Malays stole from the Chinese, it would be the same as the Chinese stealing from the Malays.

"So with this, Chinese cannot steal from the Malays and vice versa. And it is not fair if only one race gets punished for stealing and the other doesn't."






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