CeIO’s in government departments is a good initiative Cheah Soon Hai: Charging errant officers is more imperative to show government’s resolution to change for betterment

Press statement by

Gerakan Deputy President

Dato’ Dr Cheah Soon Hai

1 May 2014

In conjunction with the announcement by Minister in the Prime Minister Department, Paul Low saying that up to 600 chief integrity officers (CeIO) will be placed in government departments including ministries to combat corruption has drawn support from Gerakan Deputy President, Dato’ Dr Cheah Soon Hai.


“While placing CeIO’s is a good initiative that enables them to report directly to the Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), I personally feel that more must be done to eradicate corruption and mismanagement in civil service which is one of the main reasons for public’s distrust towards the government,” opined Cheah.


Cheah agreed with calls that the MACC should be given more bite such as the power to prosecute errant officers independently unlike now where the residual power to prosecute is vested upon the Attorney-General (AG). He opined that it is imperative for the government to charge errant officers in court to showcase that the government is resolute in making improvement and bring an end to the embarrassing mistakes by irresponsible civil servants.


Cheah reiterated Gerakan Wanita’s call to amend the General Orders in order to facilitate the sacking of errant civil servants that includes the necessary provision to charge wrongdoers in court.


“While prevention is good, action speaks louder than words as the lack of conviction is seriously hurting the image of the government. Malaysians have been clamoring for stern action on errant officers in the AG’s Report which I strongly feel that the government should response with more practical action and stronger political will to kick start a change for betterment,” said Cheah.


“If nothing is beeing done, the act of placing CeIOs will merely be seen as a publicity gimmick by the general public with no credibility or confidence towards the government,” Cheah added. 





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