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Land transfer made clear

I REFER to "The challenge of integrity" (Citizen Nades, April 23) by R. Nadeswaran which claims that I had "inside" knowledge that the seven parcels were available and that I should have suggested that they be used for projects that benefit the community instead of a selfish "for the party" attitude.

He claims that the land application and transfer was done in secrecy and surreptitiously. He further insinuates that land alienation was the biggest source of income for some people.

First, let me clarify that I don't own one square inch of property in the BU8 building. Neither did I benefit from it in any way.

Second, I did not have "inside" information on the seven parcels of land as claimed.

Whatever information I had was all public information which can be obtained either from the developer's sales office, the Petaling Land Office or the MPPJ. Land application was done using standard land office forms which can be obtained free of charge from the Petaling Land Office.

Third, before Party Gerakan applied for the land, I offered to assist one Christian group to apply for the land for their church activities but they did not take up the offer because they said it was beside the surau land.

Fourth, Nades says that I should have suggested that the land be used for projects that benefit the community which gives the impression that Party Gerakan and I have not done much in this respect.

For your information, through my assistance, Bandar Utama Buddhist Society got their 20,000 sq ft land to build their building at BU3; SJKC Damansara was relocated to a new building near Riana Green; SJKC Puay Chai (2) got a new school building in Bandar Utama; and the "Pertubuhan Kebajikan Kaum India (No. Pendaftaran: 4541/89)" got to use the old SJKT Ladang Effingham school building for their activities where they conduct tuition classes, computer classes, etc for the poor. Until today, I still remain as their adviser.

I was also instrumental in helping the Shah Alam church get their land in Glenmarie and assisted them to get their building plans approved. These are only some examples where Party Gerakan helped the community.

Lastly, I hope theSun newspaper would be fair in its reporting and give a balanced view of Party Gerakan.

Lum Weng Keong






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