Gerakan urges Muslim MPs to vote against Hudud Bill

Gerakan has urged the 135 Muslim parliamentarians to uphold the federal constitution instead of supporting PAS’s Private Members Bill to obtain approval to implement hudud law in Kelantan.

 Gerakan legal and human rights bureau chief Baljit Singh said voting against the Bill must not be construed as being un-Islamic.

 He urged the 88 BN, 21 PAS, 16 PKR and two DAP Muslim MPs to put the people’s interest above politics.

“We want to prevent the Bill being passed in Parliament because if it happens, it cannot be challenged in court,” Baljit said at a press conference in Penang.

 Accompanying him at the media event was Gerakan’s deputy secretary-general Dr Thor Teong Gee.

 He said to amend the federal constitution, a two-thirds majority is needed but it takes only a simple majority to amend an Act of Parliament, namely the Criminal Procedure Code and Penal Code related to criminal proceedings.

 He added that PAS wants to amend the constitution and Parliament Act so that the law cannot be challenged in court.

“It would be chaotic if the law cannot be challenged in court as there may be an overlapping of laws if it is not implemented carefully,” he said.

 He was referring to the case of S Deepa, a Hindu woman from Seremban, who is battling for custody of her chidren with her former husband, a Muslim convert.

 Baljit said there would also be confusion and overlapping of laws when the case involves a Muslim and non-Muslim, whether it is a business transaction, or crimes like rape and murder as there is also the issue of witness credibility when it concerns women and non-Muslim witnesses.

 Baljit placed the blame squarely on Pakatan, saying that since Independence, BN had never tabled such a law.

 He blames DAP, too, as the party has two Muslim MPS but they have yet to make a clear stand on the matter.

Muslim MPs have three choices

 But now that PAS has tabled it in Parliament, Muslim MPs have three choices - to vote yes, no or abstain from voting.

 Baljit wants DAP to stop the Bill from being tabled in Parliament instead of just issuing rhetoric on the matter.

 He said the move is not meant to put the Muslim MPs “in a spot” by asking them to vote against their religion.


 Baljit said this isssue of wanting to implement hudud law in Malaysia is nothing new.

 PAS has been consistent in wanting to push through the law and had never wavered from their objectives.

 In April last year, Baljit had issued a statement to the press saying that a simple majority in Parliament is needed to implement the Islamic law.

“The DAP responded by saying that only corrupt members of a political party will have their hands and legs amputated. They obtain votes for PAS and managed to get votes from the Malays and the result was reflected in the May 5 polls,” Baljit recalled.


 During the polls, Pakatan Rakyat managed to garner 51 percent of the popular votes while BN lagged behind, obtaining 47 percent of the votes.




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