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Gerakan: Hudud law could trigger constitutional crisis

If PAS’s move to push for the implementation of hudud law in Kelantan goes through the Parliament, it would trigger a “constitutional crisis” in the country, Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang said today.

 In a statement, Tan said that the move would result in “two sets of criminal laws” in the country.

“There’s no provision for hudud under our federal constitution and was never agreed when Malaysia was formed,” he said, speaking about PAS’s move to table a private member’s bill pushing for hudud implementation in Kelantan, possibly in June.

“In the event there any flaws in our current criminal laws and procedures, it would be better to legislate a law just to rectify that particular flaw. It’s not practical to implement a total revamp of the whole system for that purpose,” Tan said.

 He also reminded people that the opposition to hudud is not about going “against Islamic laws and and principles”.

“It’s a question of whether it would be practical to do so and should we forgo the principles in the federal constitution,” he said.

 He also urged Pakatan Rakyat to make a clear stand on the hudud issue as soon as possible.


“At this juncture, Pakatan has yet to make a stand whether they would support PAS to implement hudud laws,” he said.

“We urge Pakatan to state their stand clearly on the matter and take the necessary action to prevent PAS from tabling the motion in Parliament to implement hudud laws,” he added.

 He said that Pakatan should have the “political will” to end this issue.





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