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Najib joins 3km anti-graft run

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today led about 3,000 people in a three-kilometre run here as a demonstration of the people's commitment to have a corruption-free nation.
The run, which began and ended at the Padang Merbok in the heart of the city, was aptly named 'Larian Hapuskan Rasuah: Jangan Beri, Jangan Terima' (Anti-Corruption Run: Do Not Give, Do Not Accept). It was organised by Gerakan.
Najib, who was accompanied by Gerakan president Mah Siew Keong and Wanita Gerakan chief and organiser of the run, Tan Lian Hoe, took about 40 minutes to complete the run.
The prime minister arrived at Padang Merbok at 7.45 am and participated in a 10-minute aerobic exercise along with the other participants to the tune of songs of the three major races as well as the 1Malaysia theme song.
Mah and Tan then handed a torch to Najib as a symbolic gesture of the launch of the run. 
The torch was then handed to Johor Gerakan representative Teo Kok Chee for a similar run in Skudai, Johor, on May 24. 
Najib fired the starter's gun to start the run. 

Also present were Kuala Lumpur mayor Ahmad Phesal Talib, Works Minister Fadillah Yusuf and several other leaders of Gerakan. 


Making pledges

Meanwhile, Tan said the special event was aimed at inviting Malaysians from all walks of life regardless of their race, religion, gender and age to fully support this noble cause.
"The main aim is to eradicate corruption. Corruption is not part of our culture and does not benefit us in any way, instead it only destabilises the country's economy. Overcoming corruption should be the responsibility of all.
"Corruption will always exist so long as there is a 'giver' and a 'taker'. So the 'Larian Hapuskan Rasuah' (Anti-Corruption Run) is one way for responsible individuals to pledge their integrity towards creating a corruption-free nation," she said after the run.
The run would be made an annual event to raise awareness on the scourge, said Tan.
"This run not only raises awareness on the need to eradicate corruption, but also helps maintain a healthy body and mind. A healthy mind will understand that corruption is a threat to national peace and harmony," she said.
A Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur branch) mechanical engineering student T Viknesvaran, 20, said participating in such events benefited everyone as it was the best platform to raise positive public awareness.
"This event should be continued in order to raise awareness on anti-corruption among school children to nip the problem even before it starts," he said.

Chartered busses

Supporting Viknesvaran's opinion, his friend and university mate P Sangharganesh, said he was proud to participate in the run with the prime minister and was impressed by Najib's determination to complete the three-kilometre run.
A housewife from Dungun, Terengganu, Chang Loe Hung, 50, said she was happy to participate in the run with her friends. Her group had chartered two buses from Terengganu to Kuala Lumpur for the event.
"As citizens, we should support the various efforts taken to improve our country," said Chang, who frequently participates in charity events here, among them the 'Purple Walk' last month.
Civil servant Zunnie Aida Ismail, 35, did not want to miss the opportunity to participate in the event and support the organisers' efforts.
Participating local artistes, including Roslan Shah, Anie Mayuni and Watie Elite, added colour to the event.
The event was organised in collaboration with several government and non-governmental organisations and agencies, withBernama as the official media.




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