Gerakan demands explanation from authorities over recurrence of tourist kidnapping in Sabah Cheah Soon Hai: Government must patch up security loopholes in ESSCOM

Gerakan Deputy President Dato’ Cheah Soon Hai shared his concern with the people over the latest tourist kidnapping incident in Sabah involving a Chinese national and a Filipino hotel employee. He was appalled and upset over the recurrence of tourist kidnapping incident while the nation is still in deep anxiety and sadness mourning the loss of MH370.
Cheah opined that the recurrence of similar kidnapping incidents warrants serious attention from the government over the actual effectiveness of Eastern Sabah Security Command (ESSCOM) and the front line defence of the nation as a whole. He questioned whether the latest tourist kidnapping incident was a result of negligence of duty or structural deficiency by the security forces.

“The apparent easy intrusion by foreign armed men is worrisome, we rightly expect our security forces to repel any possible foreign threat with necessary military vigilance, combat readiness and competence. The authorities should explain over the recurrence of security breach despite millions ringgit were spent to beef up security along the Sabah east coast. Accountability and professionalism among soldiers is paramount and there is no acceptable excuse for negligence in duty and lack of sense of urgency in national defence,” said Cheah.


He strongly believed that it is high time that the government review the frontline border defence of the country and patch up the security deficiencies as well as loopholes across the nation’s front lines. He called on the government and armed forces to be mindful of the 2013 Lahad Datu standoff and a similar tourist kidnapping incident at nearby Pom-Pom Island just four months ago and make real security improvements.





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