Gerakan shares former PM’s views on ways to become a developed nation Cheah Soon Hai: A forward-looking mindset is important in driving the nation forward

Press statement by

Gerakan Deputy President

Dato’ Dr Cheah Soon Hai

14 March 2014

Gerakan Deputy President, Dato’ Dr Cheah Soon Hai has thrown his support behind Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad on his recent speech during a programme at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Wednesday. The former Prime Minister has spoken on the importance of industrialisation, innovation as well as research and development as the prerequisite condition for Malaysia to become a fully-developed nation.

Cheah shared former PM’s views that Malaysia should set its sight beyond the aspect of wealth if we aim to become a fully-developed country by 2020 as envisioned by the people. He opined that the government apart from putting in efforts to increase income per capita and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which are the traditional economic yardsticks or indicators to denote the financial wellness and performance of a countryit is also advisable for the government to delve in and explore the avant-garde ways of nation development. He stressed that industrialisation, innovation as well as research and development deserve more governmental focus given its catalytic ability to spur the nation’s economy and catch up with other economic powerhouses.

In addition, Cheah who hails from Kedah also expressed his concern over the growing prevalence of conservatism and sectarianism within certain quarters of the society. He maintained that Malaysia needs to be progressive, innovative as well as being open and acceptable to social differences and new ideas.

“I notice that ever since the divisive 13th General Election was concluded last May 2013, instead of moving forward the country was moving backward with more restrictive measures introduced. The growing prevalence of a narrowing socio-political mindset is causing divisiveness in the national orientation. The people are confused and many of them have lost faith and confidence throughout the course as if the country is currently at a crossroad and disoriented without a clear direction from the leaders of the day,” said Cheah.

Cheah stressed that the development roadmap of the nation must not just be consistent with the nine strategic challenges outlined that must be overcome by the nation in order to achieve the Vision 2020. The people especially leaders of the day must also fully subscribe to the Malaysian spirit and be ahead of the curve in terms of adopting a modern frame of mind and catalyzing the country’s development with more forward-looking plans.





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