Gerakan condemns recent political and religious violence Asharuddin: Partisan politicking should never resort to violence, it should be a battle of idea instead

Press statement by

Gerakan Vice-President cum Central Bureau on National Unity Chairman

Dr. Asharuddin Ahmad

21 February 2014

Gerakan Vice-President Dr. Asharuddin Ahmad condemned the recent spate of political violence incidents that happened throughout the week. He was concerned on the degrading political standards within a socio-political environment that seems to disregard universal humanity, morality and ethics. He called upon all parties to exercise self-restraint and undergo a much needed introspection over recent outrageous cases.

A string of cases involving political and religious violence started from last Sunday morning where a piece of meat believed to be pork was thrown into a mosque at Machang Bubok. It was then followed by Teresa Kok's office in Seputeh was splashed with red paint and dead chicken found at entrance on Wednesday. The nation was also surprised over the news of assassination attempt on Myanmar politician that took place in downtown Kuala Lumpur a fortnight ago. Asharuddin was deeply distressed over the recent worrying trend of violence and extremism in politics and religion. He cautioned that such a negative development could rip apart the social fabric and cause disunity to Malaysian society which is detrimental to the nation’s development.

“All these political and religious violence must stop! The police must carry out a thorough investigation regarding these deploring incidents and punish the culprits behind these despicable attacks. We at Gerakan strongly believe that there is an urgent need to bridge political and religious divides within the Malaysian society. Political and religious violence deserve serious criticism and condemnation by all means, not praise. I hold very strongly to the notion that partisan politicking should never resort to violence, it should be a battle of idea instead,” said Asharuddin.

Finally, he reiterated that struggles against all forms of violence must be carried out on all fronts and by all quarters of the society. He also stressed that Malaysians should undergo a necessary introspection and genuinely subscribing ourselves to moderation and tolerance as the living principles for our multiracial society.





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